detailHAUS - A brief history of detailHAUS, who we are, and how we got here!.

Started sometime in 1998 as a small mobile detailing business and specialty parts maker of a very limited number of customized European performance auto parts that were not available anywhere else. We became known to various part shops, car clubs, and exotic car enthusiasts in the New England area. We soon developed a global following and started to get calls at all hours of the night + faxes (yes faxes!) for orders too.

We didn't know what to do....

We quickly found the need to expand!

A family run business, we began manufacturing our badges and emblems in Germany, changing the detailHAUS model. 

Today, we have a few shipping hubs in the USA, South America, and Europe. We have distributors and re-sellers all over the world! Some of our products are repackaged and sold in stores, some our offered exclusively though performance shops and dealers, and some are available direct on our website.
We "Thank you" for your continued business and appreciate your dedication to quality!
-The detailHAUS Team